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Honorable County Commissioners, City Commissioners, and Public Utilities Commissioners:

We the people of South Dakota affirm our rights afforded by the U.S. Constitution to own and enjoy our property, and to be protected from the taking of that property, unless by our duly elected government for the greater public use and with just compensation as guaranteed under the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and pursuant to the SD Constitution Article 6 § 13.

The current actions of cable and electric companies of taking private property without easements are stripping citizens of their rights and property, and must be stopped.

We urge you to:

1) revoke all permits and authorizations to cable and electric companies for use of private property for lines and cables unless the companies can produce recorded easements for the number and types of lines and cables to be installed, and 

2) to instruct these companies to remove all lines and cables that have been installed through private properties in the last 5 years that did not have a recorded easement.


Patriot Ripple Effect does not sell contact information. 

Thanks for helping us stop the steal!

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