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Patriot Ripple Effect Hosts Legislative Meeting and Award Presentation 

June 9, 2023


Patriot Ripple Effect, a local grassroots organization dedicated to promoting Constitutional liberty in South Dakota, hosted a Legislative panel Thursday night and presented a newly created award to one of the Legislators.

Speaking to a room full of constituents, local South Dakota Legislators from five different districts covering both Minnehaha and Lincoln counties discussed an extensive array of topics, including education, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) scoring, property rights, the carbon pipeline issue, protection of vulnerable youth, pro-life and judicial issues.

“What they had to share, and the engagement from the audience, was informative and inspired us to get even more involved at the local level.”, said Chris D., a Patriot Ripple Effect attendee.

Legislators also shared a day in their lives, both during and after the Legislative session. The audience was surprised to learn many of their Legislators work 30 hours a week on constituent issues preparing for the upcoming session.

The evening ended on a high note as the room erupted with laughter and clapping at the presentation of a newly created award. The 2023 “Award for Small Business Legislation” was presented to the legislator with the lowest ranking received by liberal standards. The award is considered a badge of honor for a Conservative Legislator and was graciously accepted.

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