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Don't Be Confused

Don't you hate it when people say that? It either means they think you're confused when you're not, or you actually are confused and they think they can just command you not to be. Anyway...

First, and most importantly, have a blessed Good Friday and Passover Eve.

Heads Up!

Sioux Falls City Council Meetings

Lincoln County Commissioner Meetings

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

SD Voting Definitions - Huh?

District, Precinct, Polling Place

A district is a geographically defined governmental area of responsibility. There are different types of districts.

  • SD is broken into counties.

  • A legislative district comprises the area represented by your state representative(s) and state senator(s) to represent you in Pierre.

  • Counties are represented by county commissioners. Each county commissioner is assigned responsibility for a parcel of land within that county.

  • Municipalities comprise a district for local city elections such as mayor and commissioners. School Districts comprise a district for school board elections and bond questions. NOTE: These local elections occur on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in April. If there are no seats being challenged, there is no election.

A voting precinct is the geographical area (neighborhood or town) that determines what polling place you go to in order to cast your vote. A polling place is the the actual location where you cast your vote. (A polling place can serve more than one precinct.)

Locate Your Polling Place

The Secretary of State website has a page where you can find out if you’re registered and where to vote. Scroll to the bottom of the page to "Voter Registration Name Search” and then fill out the form:

PS: This is the same way to find out if someone else is registered to vote, and what their party affiliation is.

Poll Worker, Poll Watcher, Poll Observer

A Poll Worker is hired by the County Auditor (or the Auditor’s Election Manager who reports to him or her) to work at the polls on election day. There is a brief training day prior to election day. The position is paid and temporary. To get on a list of potential poll workers, call your County Auditor’s office to find out who you should talk to. You can find your County Auditor here:

Poll Watchers and Poll Observers are present to observe the voting and counting activity at polling places during an election.

Poll Watchers declare themselves to represent a specific candidate or political party or either side of a ballot issue. QUESTION: Who should a volunteer contact to get selected by SD GOP to be a poll watcher?

Poll Observers do not represent a particular candidate, party, or ballot issue.

Election Board Workers and Candidates on the ballot are NOT allowed as Poll Watchers or Observers.

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