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Download Tbi E85 Conversion Kit

FAST releases FASTView, a FREE and easy-to-use software program for downloading, storing, viewing and comparing air/fuel data logs The revolutionary FAST Air/Fuel Meter brought cutting edge air/fuel measurement technology to racers everywhere. Expanding on the usefulness of this meter, FAST created a free, easy-to-use software package for owners who have upgraded their meter with the FAST RPM Module. Called FASTView, this complete software package allows you to download, playback, store and even plot the data so you can compare air/fuel data logs on your personal computer. The FASTView Software couldnt be easier to use. All downloading is accomplished using the communication cable found in your optional RPM Module Kit. Once downloaded and stored, you can use the playback feature to open up your data logs and play them back in real time or use the plotting feature to overlay them for comparison. The playback also shows the precise elapsed time of the data log and displays the data not only as a raw number, but also with digital needle gauges that help you to spot air/fuel and rpm trends during your run.

Download tbi e85 conversion kit

What can you do with the laptop software that you can't do with the handheld? Well, youcan tune your Sniper to work with boosted engines up to 1.5 bar of boost (using the 2.5-barmap sensor that came on the Sniper) or configure an external MAP sensor to run even more boost. It is important to note that this software deviates from the basic concept of EFI for Everyman. While it is easy to attach the included USB adapter cable,download the Sniper EFI Software, install, connect, and run,learning EFI tuning is challenging to say the least. But we here at EFISystemPro.Com are excited to guide you in your learning. 350c69d7ab


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