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Yankton Ripple Effect

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In addition to this, I think a good rule of thumb overall is to live your life like you are a character in a Studio Ghibli movie. Because goodness, the Studio Ghibli cast of characters give us plenty of examples of cultivating wonder in their daily lives: tending to the garden, walking by the seaside with a friend, enjoying mouth-watering ramen after a long day. Being thoroughly alive isn\u2019t just about an arbitrary, overarching plot at any point during our lives- it is about the everyday sort of magic, experiences that prompt nostalgia ten years later because you wish you had been more present in that sweet, sacred moment. And that is why Kiki\u2019s Delivery Service could never just be described as the story of a witch who loses her ability to fly and then gets her powers back. To do so would be to miss the point of the movie entirely. Coming-of-age tales are rarely all about the transition from Point A to Point B- they are about the in-between, the messy, the not-yet, and the becoming. They are about life, in its complete fullness and messiness and overwhelming beauty. Kiki\u2019s story is no different.

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