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Yankton Ripple Effect

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CRACK Camel Audio Alchemy Expansions

Presets installed to the proper location will show up in the preset browser after scanning for new presets (on the Alchemy File menu). If you need info about where presets are found, the best thing to do is contact support [at] camelaudio [dot] com with some details about which OS + host you are using.

CRACK Camel Audio Alchemy Expansions


so after a ton of testing and searching around I find the reason for the cracking, it was not the envelopes but the fact I forgot to add a balance opcode to balance the oscilator audio with the audio of its filters. Those cracks were bursts of sound when amplitude went up to the roof and then went down fast and it actually got worse by losing sound altogether having to restart the synth. 350c69d7ab


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