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Books To Take On An African Safari (our Favorites)

The following are some of the books we recommend for guests preparing for or considering an African safari. Many are also beautiful reminders of your African safari and just flipping through them will have you yearning to return again. The list is by no means exhaustive and we encourage you to contact us if you are interested in specific recommendations. We have grouped our recommendations by subject matter. If you would like assistance locating a book (some may not be currently available in the US but we have several contacts in Southern Africa and can source any still in print for you) - please give us a call. One final note worth mentioning...the bird guides (Newman's) and many of the other field guides are always available on virtually every game drive vehicle I've ever been on. For this reason, you should not plan to carry any books with you on your African safari. Guest copies of the more popular books recommended here are also available in many of the African safari camps and most of these are available for purchase in their curios. Still, I would not recommend taking up too much valuable space in your luggage with lots of books during your trip - I only take along a small writing journal for notes, etc. Rather leave your books at home and/or buy some at the camps, airport or bookstores before coming home.

Books To Take On An African Safari (our Favorites)

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One of the best activities for safari-goers in this national park is to stake out in a spring-fed waterhole and wait for animals to arrive. The Etosha National Park boasts a beautiful panorama of the dolomite hills and the arid savannas.

A safari is one of the most extraordinary and memorable vacations you will take with your loved ones. We can craft safaris to suit any budget and work closely with you to achieve this, leveraging years of in-country experience without compromising on the details that make a safari special.

For travelers looking for a private safari experience we would be happy to recommend our favorite exclusive use properties. We are also familiar with private aircraft options and specialist guides, whether you have an interest in photography, wine, golf, or birding, who can take your trip to the next level!

Tanzania is home to the well known Ngorongoro Crater, where a concentration of wildlife meander happily ensconced within the soaring walls of the massive caldera. The grasses of the Serengeti provide the ever so important role as the vast stage for the Great Migration. Throughout the year, millions of wildebeest and zebra continue along their never-ending circular path in search of new grazing grounds; peak seasons offer those on an epic African migration safari adventure the opportunity of front row seats to the drama of river crossings, the calving season and the constant battle with the predators that stalk these rich hunting grounds. The less-visited Selous Game Reserve has a wealth of landscapes, from swamps to riverine forest, rocky acacia-clad hills to open grasslands, and harbors some of the most significant concentrations of elephant and wild dog, amongst many other species. Isolated in the thick forests of the Mahale Mountains, accessible only after a few small flights and hour-long dhow ride down the shores of Lake Tanganyika, passing fishing villages along the way, Greystoke Mahale and the scientists that call the area home are the caretakers of the chimpanzee families that reside on the mountain. Guest are afforded the once in a lifetime safari opportunity to trek these amazing primates and spend time with them as the babes bumble and the teens look for mischief, while the adults look on and often join in on the fun.

If you traveling with kids, a big group of family and friends or have specific dietary requirements some special attention to the details will be needed. You need to take into account if a safari camp/lodge has a minimum age limit, do they have family rooms, how far of a walk is it from reception to the room if you have elderly people in the group, do they cater for gluten-free or vegan diets etc...

First, both countries have good wildlife viewing that is easily accessible. You can visit Kruger National Park or Etosha National Park with your rental car. This is not the case in most other African countries, where you need to have a guide/driver to visit national parks. Self-drive safari is always cheaper and it allows you to take kids of any age on safari.

Second, Namibia and South Africa both have very small malaria risk in certain periods. So you can take your kids on safari without having to take malaria pills. See question 4 for more information.

Always take a sweater on safari, mosquito spray, sunscreen lotion, a sun hat, and sunglasses. Leave all the toys at home, unless you are doing a self-drive safari, in that case, pack whatever you would normally pack to keep the kids busy and happy in the car. For our kids, audiobooks do wonders!

Hi Ana, yes, of course, we always pack some food when traveling with kids - on safari or not. It's not like you can just go to the restaurant when you get hungry in the middle of safari, so it's essential to take a picnic lunch.As for sustainable packing solutions, most hotels will pack a lunch for you and it's usually just some paper bags - not much waste at all. If you travel with an organized safari day trip they will usually foresee meals for everyone and those are packed in reusable containers. Africa never struck me as a place where people pollute too much - unfortunately, that can't be said about the packaging of meals in the US or most countries in Asia.

A Safari was once considered a trip only for the most intrepid travellers. Now it is completely accessible for anyone who takes an interest in African safari animals. We are able to offer a more varied safari experience than ever before where in addition to the traditional 44 game viewer, you can enjoy a safari experience by boat, on foot, in a traditional dug-out canoe and even in a hot air balloon. 350c69d7ab


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